All You Need to Know About Medium Roast Coffee in 2023

In the intricate world of coffee brewing, coffees vary in type, taste and color. We get the intense dark coffee types of caffeine addicts and the light, milky, low, caffeinated and sweet versions. And in between them is the beautifully-brown medium roast coffee that has that perfect scent and flavor, neither too bitter nor too raw.

So, if you are interested in medium roast coffee and everything about it, you are in the right place. 

Medium Roast Coffee

Roasting coffee is a process where we turn green coffee beans into brown ones. The texture, color, smell and taste of an unroasted coffee compared to a roasted one is different.

Medium roast coffee refers to coffee that has been roasted just so slightly so that it emanates a distinct flavor and taste. Medium roast coffee shows no oil on the surface of the beans. It is balanced in flavor and tastes slightly sweeter than light roast coffee. 

Medium roast coffee has a beautiful balance in its taste and smell. It extracts the true flavor of coffee without the burnt bitterness of dark roasted coffee. It’s one of the most popular types of coffee. 

medium roast coffee

The idea behind medium roast sprang from advances in coffee brewing and new technologies. Now, coffee roasting is no longer the traditional method of dry roasting coffee beans with a handful of sand over a high flame. Many innovative methods and concepts of coffee brewing have led to the advent of special machines that enable the roasting and brewing of coffee to perfection. 

‘Specialty coffee shops’ or hipster coffee joints are popular haunts now. We are shown such a wide range of coffee types and flavors that we are left gobsmacked. Coffee brewing is now an art. It’s a trend. Coffee roast techniques and flavors are now taken up very seriously. 

That’s not all. Medium roast coffee can be combined and designed into various beverages. From creamy lattes to spicy chai-type coffees, its acidity can range from delicate to complex and juicy to syrupy. The perfect balance of body and acidity makes it the most versatile type of coffee bean in modern coffee brewing trends. 

There is a myth that medium-roast coffee retains more caffeine because they are roasted less. But it’s not true. The differences in the caffeine content between medium-roasted and dark-roasted coffee are insignificant. 

The amount of caffeine in a coffee largely depends on the type of coffee brew. The espresso type of coffee has more caffeine because the recipe calls for more coffee beans. However, other coffees may have less caffeine because they have more milk than coffee. Your caffeine intake depends on how much coffee you drink and the type of coffee. 

Do I have to treat Medium Roast Coffee differently when I brew coffee?

There isn’t much difference in the way you brew medium-roast coffee. But to produce your perfect cup, just keep these in mind.

Always choose the right grind size for the brew method.

Keep your water temperature correct according to the type of coffee.

Pay attention to exactly how much you need to immerse in the coffee flavor. While some coffee can take 6 minutes to get the right flavor, some coffee needs just a few seconds. 

And always use the freshest coffee beans available. Fresh coffee beans always have that special smell and flavor that reduces as the beans go stale. 

Does medium roast coffee taste acidic? It does, but it has less acid content than light roast coffee. If you are looking for coffee that has little or no acidic taste, then go for cold brew coffees. Cold brews are less acidic as they bypass the process that releases acid content into beverages. 

Read this for instructions on how to brew your perfect cup of coffee.

What should I pair medium roast coffee with? 

Medium roast coffee has that perfect balance of flavor and smell that it can be paired with just about anything! But if you are looking for the perfect combinations, then these foods work well. 

If you are looking to pair your medium roast coffee with something sweet, then try morning glory muffins, almond croissants, oatmeal or donuts. It’s best not to add sugar to your coffee if you are having it with something sweet. 

If you want to pair your coffee with something savory, they try it with Quiche, cold sandwiches, biscuits and gravy or with a hearty meal of bacon and eggs. 

Medium roast coffee is versatile when it comes to how it is brewed, whether hot or cold. Brewing it hot and pouring it over ice will help retain balanced acidity. If you like having it brewed hot, then it’s best as a pour-over, Chemex or espresso. 

Everything you need to know about medium roast coffee: Summary

  • Medium roast coffee has the perfect balance in texture, flavor and acidity when compared with light roast and dark roast coffee. 
  • Medium roast coffee is less acidic than light roast coffee. It will have less acidity if brewed cold. 
  • It has no oil on the surface of the beans.
  • Use fresh coffee beans for the best results.

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