The Latest Fads Behind Hipster Coffee in 2023

What really is Hipster coffee? What makes it so popular among the current generation? What are the latest hipster coffee trends? Are you missing out on anything?

What really is hipster coffee?

Most of us, the 90s-born generation, are just familiar with the term coffee. But there are so many types and terms of it around that when we visit a coffee-only coffee shop, we are gobsmacked.

The term ‘hipster’ is a word that is as old as the 1930s. It refers to anything that is trendy, nonconformist and fashionable in the current times.

In that sense, hipster coffee is simply a concoction of caffeine that is presented in a stylish and trendy way. The hipster coffee shops of today are characterized by lighter roasted artisanal coffee beans, farm-to-cup sourcing transparency and, of course, the meticulous brewing parameters.

If you are still confused, know that hipster coffee is still coffee. But they are uniquely blended, trendy and stylish types of coffee that come in various artistic designs, flavors and brewing styles. If you ask me, hipster coffee is more about being trendy and fun and less about using a caffeine shot to wake you up.

So, in keeping with the latest hipster coffee trends, remember it is not just the taste of the beverage that matters. It’s more about the astonishing price tag, the cool designs on the froth and, of course, those social media-worthy photographs. Who has a hipster coffee before taking a picture?
Here is a collection of some of the coolest hipster coffee trends around. See if you have missed out on any.

The Latest Hipster Coffee Trends

Charcoal coffee

hipster coffee

It looks as obscene as it sounds. Charcoal coffee is a concoction made of steamed milk and activated charcoal capsules. It’s advertised to be a body detox. But God knows, it’s far from that. The charcoal in the coffee is supposed to be good for your teeth and intestines and soak up all the toxins inside you.

And since we are advertising it as a healthy beverage, be careful not to add sugar. This charcoal coffee may also be named coffee latte and served cold. I have to admit that charcoal coffee has a slightly nostalgic, earthy taste to it, but overall, it looks much better than it tastes.

I also warn you not to have charcoal coffee with your medications. The detoxifying action of the charcoal can get rid of the medications you have consumed. The coffee could pose dangerous side effects to some.

A deconstructed coffee

This really inspired me. A deconstructed coffee is basically the elements of a coffee that are served to you separately, so you make your own coffee concoction and drink it. The hip part is that you are helping the barista by paying him as well as relieving him of his job by brewing your own coffee. Interesting, yes. But I’d rather have deconstructed coffee at home and make my coffee myself, rather than going out to a stylish coffee joint and having to do the same work.

Dirty Chai

Now, this I personally like. Dirty chai is not as dirty as it sounds. It’s just the traditional spicy chai with a shot of coffee mixed with it. This is best for those tea and coffee lovers. When you can’t choose between tea and coffee, then why not have both?

Dirty chai is essentially a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso. The beverage is smooth, milky, spicy and has that light touch of coffee flavor. If you want it stronger, you can try double dirty chai that comes with an extra shot of espresso.

The spices used in dirty chai include cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and pepper. So this, combined with coffee strength, the flavor is pretty strong and ideal for a winter morning.

Blue Algae Latte

The blue algae latte is blue in color. It looks fun and stylish. Blue Algae latte is a vegan coffee that smells of seaweed but has no caffeine. The best part is that the blue color comes from a mixture of ginger, lemon, coconut milk, agave and blue algae powder. The Blue Algae latte does not taste as it looks. But people keep buying this hugely expensive non-caffeine coffee because it looks great on an Instagram post.

Turmeric Latte

This coffee is expensive and looks expensive too. It has the golden touch of Midas to it, with a beautiful ochre yellow that comes from turmeric. Turmeric coffee is caffeine-free and is supposed to be immune-boosting. It’s made of steamed milk, a touch of nutmeg, turmeric and ginger.
The latest trends have turmeric lattes made of nut milk and not cow’s milk. Turmeric is considered a holistic, natural and ayurvedic medicine that has been an essential ingredient in Asian culture.
The combination of milk with turmeric is nothing new to Asians, but hipster coffee joints have innovated this concept and added some style.

Nitro coffee

This is another popular hipster coffee. It is like iced coffee but infused with nitrogen gas that is released through a pressurized valve. High pressure forces the cold coffee past a disc, and the result is a creamy, stout-like effect for a smooth, clean flavor.
I like nitro coffee because it tastes extremely smooth and low in acidity. The silky feel of the coffee is unique.
Most people prefer nitro coffee black or poured over ice. Sugar is not usually added, but some hipster coffee joints may serve it with sweet cream vanilla syrup or ice cream.

Filter coffee

Filter coffee is made from boiling water and ground coffee beans that are passed through a mesh or paper filter. The coffee beans used for filter coffee are roasted and ground.

Hipster coffee trends: Conclusion

There are so many hipster coffee trends around that you are surprised by a new coffee variation whenever you visit a coffee joint. Some types of coffee are meant to uplift your mood and make your day better with that much-needed shot of caffeine. But others just drain your pockets and taste obscene. But you won’t complain because it’s trendy, and trends are meant to be photographed and shown off on social media platforms. Hip, Hip, coffee!

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