Standalone Milk Steamer: The Best Ones Available in 2023

What is a standalone milk steamer and why do you need one? What are the best standalone milk steamers I can buy?

There was a time when coffee was used only for a caffeine high and to keep awake. But today, hipster coffee trends have evolved so much that we no longer recognize the humble coffee bean for what it is.

Fancy coffee types are trendy, delicious and can even be addictive. But they can also be ridiculously expensive. You can save hundreds of dollars spent on coffee every day by making your own. And the job would be much easier for you if you had a standalone milk steamer.

So what is a milk steamer, and what is it used for? Today, we have specialized machines to make our tasks easier. A standalone milk steamer is a machine dedicated to one of the processes of coffee brewing. And yes, this is important because a cup of coffee is no longer a simple affair. It is a meticulously measured out and carefully brewed concoction that amalgamates the latest trends and taste buds with consumer demand. So, let’s now see what a standalone milk steamer is.

What is a milk steamer? What does it do?

A standalone milk steamer is a multi-functional machine that is used to both froth and steam milk. A milk steamer is essential for making certain types of specialty coffees like lattes. Steamed milk is that frothy, creamy, milky liquid that coffee baristas pour-over espressos and special coffees to make different designs. Steamed milk is meant to make the coffee creamy and sweeter. And yes, it looks good too.

Most expensive coffee-making machines have a milk steamer included. But people who don’t want to buy the entire machine can go for a standalone milk steamer that is smaller, versatile and easier on the budget.

A milk steamer has a special function. In a milk steamer, you insert a steam wand under the milk. The wand shoots pressurized air into the milk and heats it up. This process helps fold air into the milk like a whisk and makes it smooth and creamy.

A milk steamer is different from a milk frother, but some machines may have both. Depending on the type of coffee you are brewing, you must froth or steam the milk, as the outcomes of both processes are different.

Steamed milk is mostly used for many hot coffees and lattes. They are silky smooth and have a velvety and aerated texture. Steamed milk is heavier than frothed milk.
Frothed milk is light and foamy. It’s mostly used for coffees like cappuccinos. Frothed milk is basically milk that has been beaten light by whisks.

You can manage to make a fancy cup of coffee at home without a standalone milk steamer, but the process would be more complicated. A milk steamer just makes life easier for you. A standalone milk steamer will help you achieve professional results at home.
Additionally, you can even use a standalone milk steamer for making lattes. They come in handy when making gourmet hot chocolate or chai.
Here are some of the best standalone milk steamers in the market.

standalone milk steamer

The best Standalone milk steamers

Miroco electric Milk steamer

This is a compact machine that is simple and easy to use. It produces steamed milk in four different frothing densities. It’s hand-held, reasonably priced and smooth in operation. Moreover, the Strix Temperature Controller ensures that the milk is not over-steamed. Over-steamed milk can make bad coffee.

Secura detachable stainless steel electric milk steamer

This is a reasonably priced standalone milk steamer that has both milk steaming and frothing. It has multi-functional buttons that are easy to operate. This machine can also steam 250 ml of milk at the same time, so you can make several cups of coffee at once.

Ezbasics electric stainless steel milk steamer

This steamer is fully automated and can process the milk in just three minutes. It has a capacity for 237 ml of milk at once. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and has a non-stick-coated interior. Ezbasics milk steamer also has an automatic shut-off system to prevent milk from being over-steamed.

Hic manual milk steamer frother

This is one of my favorite options because it’s manually operated. It does not require batteries or electricity. You can use the op-plunger built into the lid to create the desired milk consistency.
The unit is versatile, whether for hot or cold beverages. It’s portable, easy to clean and easy to operate too.

Standalone milk steamer: Summary

A standalone milk steamer is an essential addition to your kitchen if you are a coffee lover. The machine can save hundreds of dollars squandered in coffee joints every day and can help you make coffee and lattes in a professional style at home.

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