Is It Safe to Eat Watermelon with Yellow Spots Inside? Food Facts for 2023

Is it safe to eat watermelon with yellow spots inside? 

For most of us, watermelons are supposed to be blood-red inside with black seeds. So when we cut open a watermelon and find some yellow inside, we are in doubt.

Is it safe to eat watermelon with yellow spots inside? Why is there yellow inside watermelons? Should I chuck it in the bin? 

My watermelon has yellow spots inside. What should I do?

When you cut open the watermelon, do you find yellowness inside the rind? Watermelons with yellow spots and blotches inside are not safe to eat. Yellowness inside a watermelon indicates that the fruit has high concentrations of nitrates in it. 

This may be very toxic and dangerous to you if consumed. 

But if the watermelon is entirely yellow instead of a few yellow blotches, then you are looking at a variety of watermelons that are actually yellow in color.

This type of yellow watermelon is perfectly safe to eat. And what’s more, you may find that these watermelons are even more delicious and flavorful than the regular red ones we are used to. 

Watermelons come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. While most watermelons sold commercially are red inside, there are varieties that are yellow inside too. 

How Do I Know if the Watermelon with Yellow Blotches is Safe to Eat?

If the flesh of the watermelon is red, but the inside of the rind is yellow, then it is not safe to eat. The fruit probably has a high concentration of nitrates in it which could be toxic to you. 

There is a simple procedure you can follow to test for nitrates. 

  • Cut a piece of the watermelon.
  • Put it in a bowl of water.
  • In ten minutes, the water will turn pink if it has nitrates. If so, do not consume the fruit. Throw the watermelon away. 

Nitrate poisoning can have some serious effects on your health. It can lead to dizziness, stomach pains, mood swings etc. 

Can You Eat a Watermelon that is Fully Yellow Inside?

Yes, if the flesh inside the watermelon is fully yellow, it is safe to consume it. Yellow watermelons are simply a different variety of watermelons and not a result of excess nitrates. 

But you still have to check if the watermelon is fresh before you eat it. Inspect the surface of the watermelon for any signs of mold. If you see flecks of blue, brown, white or green, then the fruits are probably not fresh.

The best way to test for freshness is to test its weight. If they feel heavy, then they still have a lot of water content and are fresh. If it feels light, then they are going stale. 

Is It Safe to Eat Watermelon with Yellow Spots Inside

Is It Safe to Eat Watermelon with Yellow Spots Inside? Summary

If a watermelon that has red flesh has yellow spots running through it or is yellow on the inside of the rind, then the fruit is not safe to eat. But if the watermelon is entirely yellow inside, then it is a different variety of watermelon that has yellow flesh. These are perfectly safe to eat.

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