How Many Shots Are in One Latte? Espresso Explained!

Do you want to know how many shots of espresso there are in one latte? You are in the right place! 

How many Shots are in One Latte?

The number of shots per latte varies according to each coffee joint and coffee type. Some cafes use one shot per latte, and others use two. Other cafes even use four shots for a latte. 

The number of shots per latter depends on the size of the drink, too. Larger lattes will require larger shots of espresso to keep the coffee-to-milk ratio just right.

But if you want a straight answer, it is one. Normally, the number of shots per latte is one, though it does vary. Some coffee shops may use two shots.  

How many Shots are in One Latte

How Many Shots Are in One Latte at Starbucks?

Most lattes have two shots of espresso in their lattes. However, Starbucks uses one shot in their tall 12oz. Sized latte. 

Usually, a regular latte is made with a single shot of espresso. This would be one-third of your beverage, and the remaining two-thirds will be filled with steamed milk and milk froth. 

The coffee-to-milk ratio of any latte is normally 1:2. 

When you order coffee from specialty coffee shops or hipster coffee joints, you can usually order them as a single-shot, double-shot or triple-shot latte using the same ratio of milk to coffee. 

In Starbucks, different-sized lattes will have different numbers of espresso shots. 

  • A short 8 oz latte (240ml) will have one shot of espresso.
  • A tall 12 oz latte (360ml) will have one shot of espresso
  • A Grande 16 oz latte (480ml) will have two shots of espresso
  • A Venti 20 oz latte (600ml) will have two shots of espresso

A single shot of espresso is 30ml (1oz). A latte has a coffee-to-milk ratio of 1:2, which means that there is twice as much milk in a latte as there is coffee. This is why a short 8 oz latte and a tall 12 oz latte both have one shot of espresso, and a grande 16 oz latte and a Venti 20 oz latte both have two shots. 

Both an 8 oz latte and a 12 oz latte will have 30 ml of coffee and 60 ml of milk. And interestingly, the only difference between a short latte and a tall one is 4oz of microfoam. And yes, this means that a Venti 20 oz latte will have 14 oz of foam and only 6 oz of liquid beverage. 

While this is the case with Starbucks, it is not always the case with all other coffee joints or specialty coffee shops.  

Is a Latte a Single or a Double Shot of Espresso?

A classic latte from a coffee shop will use only a single shot of espresso. It might seem like more to you since the coffee is brewed until dark roasted to allow the flavor of the coffee to cut through the milk froth. 

To make a latte, the ingredients are normally 30 ml of dark roasted coffee, 60 ml of whole-fat steamed milk and 1cm cap of milk foam. 

How much milk is there in a latte?

The ratio of milk to coffee is 2:1. So the amount of milk is twice that of coffee. 

For a regular latte, there would be 30 ml (1 oz) of coffee and 60 ml (2oz) of steamed milk. 

For a double shot latte, there would be 60 ml (2oz) of coffee and 120 ml (4oz) of steamed whole milk. 

What is the correct latte ratio?

A latte-to-milk ratio is normally 1:2.

There is twice as much steamed milk as coffee. In other words, there is double the amount of milk as there is coffee. 

A latte is normally 1/3rd espresso and 2/3rd milk. But this will not make the ratio of milk to coffee 1:3. This is because one part is microfoam. 

How Much of Caffeine Does a Single Shot Latte Have?

A single shot of espresso has an average of 65 mg of caffeine, and a double shot has 130 mg.

A triple shot latte will have 195 mg of caffeine. 

This may slightly vary according to the type and quality of the coffee. Starbucks uses its signature espresso roast, Pike Place, which is slightly stronger than regular coffee. Hence, it would contain more caffeine. A single shot short latte of 8oz or (240ml) would contain 75mg of caffeine. 

So, if you were to get a triple shot, you would be succumbing to a caffeine kick of a whopping 226mg!

Also, this is the same amount of coffee that is in all coffee beverages and not just lattes. This includes variations like Latte Macchiato, Caffe Americano, cappuccino and Mocha. 


A single latte normally contains one shot of espresso. However, you also have a choice to request a double shot or triple shot at Starbucks or specialty coffee joints. The normal coffee and milk ratio of a latte is 2: 1.

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