About Us

About Us

The girl behind this blog

I am Kanchana , a simple girl who is passionate about simple joys of life.“Diary of a Lavender” is my creative space where I share the way I am embracing my intentional life . In this blog, I would like to share little bits and pieces of the journey of my life and how I started loving myself ,healthy relationship tips ,yummy food recipies, DIY crafts , travel, home design and a lot more .

At Lavender, I believe that life is always meant to be cherished . Our blog is simply dedicated to celebrate the joyful art of living well.

Our goal is to inspire you to pursue your passions and create your own cozy life.

So join us on this journey of love and happiness , where you can explore yourself , where you can start loving yourself more than ever

So let’s create that life worth living together

It’s so nice to meet you and don’t forget to Join our community on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

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